Getting seen by Dr Mendall

Normally you should get a letter of referral from your GP, although if you are self -funding or from abroad this is not strictly necessary. You should at this point contact your insurance company to let them know and phone the appointments office at the hospital where you want to be seen and make an outpatient appointment. 

Your condition will then be assessed by Dr Mendall and any tests which are necessary will be organised. If an endoscopic procedure or scan is required you will then have this and been seen for a follow-up appointment and treatment plan. Endoscopic procedures will be conducted on a different day, it normally being possible to conduct them within 3 days of the initial visit if so desired. 

They can also under some circumstances be performed on the same day.  If you know that you will need an endoscopic procedure eg the follow-up of colonic polyps, this can be booked direct without the need for an initial clinic visit. To do this contact Dr Mendall’s secretary direct.


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