5-6% of the population will develop bowel cancer with the peak age being in the seventh decade. Cure particularly for early cases is likely. The main causes of bowel cancer are related to diet, obesity, lack of physical exercise and a family history. The most common symptoms are a change in bowel habit particularly towards looser bowel motions and rectal bleeding. All diagnostic techniques are available for this condition including colonoscopy and virtual colonoscopy.

Bowel Cancer Treatment in London

Preventative treatment through the removal of pre-cancerous polyps is offered as well as screening. Screening can be through colonoscopy which is the most effective technique or through testing for blood in the stool which is less reliable. In many other developed countries, but not the UK, screening is commonly by colonoscopy beginning at the age of 50.

All cancers are discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting with The Royal Marsden Hospital with surgical treatment taking place at Shirley Oaks Hospital and any necessary chemotherapy or radiotherapy taking place at The Royal Marsden Hospital.


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